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Sep 8, 2007

First post

Testing ... testing ... Ahem ... This is my first post in my first blog!

Huat ah .... Huat ah ... must say this when posting the first post so that my blog will "HUAT ah" in the future ... learnt this from my fengshui master, can also apply to blogging?? Hee hee ... try try lor ... Anyway, she is quite famous in Singapore, our own local Fengshuiqueen ... You guess who, lah!

Haha, but no prizes for guessing it correct :P
Now no need to guess liao cos she got her own blog ;)

Ok, to intro myself first ... I'm Eric, Singaporean Teochew Chinese, going to be 30 this year (maybe already at one-third of my journey in life ... Haha ... PM Lee says Singaporeans' lifespan is increasing, can live to 90 liao ... Aiyo, live so long for what, unless can be fit and healthy, if sick and lie in bed whole day, how ... Haiz ... shake head).

Why i started blogging? ... cos one fine day, i chanced upon Kian Ann's website/blog and after reading through all his posts, i am inspired by him. What he wrote strikes a chord deep inside me. To quote him - "Life is about living your choices."

Yes, i truly agree. Nothing can be more true than that. Everyone of us have our own dreams and aspirations in life. To enjoy life is to be able to live your dreams, be financially free, not having to work to pay the bills, but rather work cos you have the passion and interest in it.

As many of us always think "How nice it would be if i can get a job that really interests me, then i can't wait to wake up every morning and get to work, instead of having to drag myself out of bed on Monday and wishing it's Friday already!". Hahaha ... We laugh but it's true mah ... In reality, how many of us can find that dream job and keep at it for the rest of our life? Hmmm ... makes you wonder hor ... Hee hee hee ;)

Well, you are reading my blog now. What to blog ah? Hmmm ... Anything under the sun lah ... and some inspirational stuff now and then (my blog is Web Inspirations mah, how can dun have inspirational things for you to read ... Hahaha) ... cos most important, once in a while, everyone needs to be inspired. Every little bit counts, so i hope to have a little bit for you here lor.

Enjoy while you are here and if you like, do leave me a comment, no matter who you are or where you are from. Dun be shy, lah :D

And remember to bookmark my blog ... Come visit whenever, wherever you feel like it !!

Cheers :)


Kian Ann said...

Hey Eric, thanks for the mention. :)

Kian Ann

Homely Guy said...

Hi, Kian Ann,

Wow, how did you locate my blog? Is it cos i link to your website and you can see it?

Hee hee ... just curious :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really like the design of your blog. I'm working on writing my 1st ever blog real soon.

I'm having a hard time designing my blog so if you can provide me with some assistance, then I will greatly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric .. thanks for the visit. add me on twitter if you do have one. and HUAT AR !!

Cultus Eric Ng said...

thanks for dropping by, Isaac ... Cheers :D

LAL's Solace said...

Great Blog. Glad I came across it.

Cultus Eric Ng said...

thanks for dropping by :)

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