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Jul 20, 2012

Singlish and Dyslexia

Ho sey bo ... Ah, as a true blue Singaporean, how can dun know how to speak Singlish, tio bo?? hahaha

Singlish and Dyslexia !!
What do they have in common?

Dr JiaJia and BigBrother

You must have seen, heard or read about him in the newspaper recently ... the 7 year old dyslexic boy who has his own Youtube channel, acts funny and help to teach the use of Singlish through their comedy videos, which never fail to make me laugh out loud

Ai Seh ... He wants to become a MP (Member of Parliament) in the future ... who will vote for him? Kee Chiew, kee chiew :D 

Now, he is going to be a movie star first ... in the movie - Taxi! Taxi! (coming out in January 2013), together with Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee ... Wa Seh, power sia

This is the video that started it all :)


The sequel ...


And many many more ... If you like them, keep on watching over at Youtube ba !! :D 

This cute little boy is always so positive ... how can not like him :)

Be warned ... can make you laugh until peng san ... wahahaha

Last but not least, if it is within your means, please support this amazing boy to do charity by buying his iconic T-shirt from DAS

Mai Tu Liao hor ... :P

Jul 7, 2012



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