Oct 24, 2009

Shell Fuel Promotion

A lazy saturday ... Went to queue up for the Shell fuel promotion - $1 per litre of FuelSave 95 or 98 ... just for today only, 10am till 6pm

Many, many cars in the long queue indeed ... were you one of them??

Pumped a full tank of petrol, went home to lim kopi and take photos of the never-ending queue ... lol

Luckily got Cisco police to control the traffic, if not, i am sure there will be ppl who try to cut queue ... then, will be chaos!!

Oct 16, 2009

Today is Friday

Been a while since my last post ... How's life for you?

Me ... Started a new chapter in my life ...

- Become a father to Eunice Ng, our baby girl
Here's a slideshow i did for her full month!!

- Bought my first new car
.... after 10 years ago, when i bought my first second-hand car in 1999, later sold off to scrapyard, before i ORD in 2003

Buying car is a liability, if dun need, better save the money ... Mainly, i buy for convenience sake cos need to use for work and family, rather than spending money on taking cab and still need to wait for cab some more ... hahaha

Was deciding between these few models:

Suzuki Swift - 1.5l engine power, comes with pretty good options, price around 55k after cash rebate

Honda Fit - 1.3l, good fuel consumption, can get between 14 to 16km per litre (for auto) but price quite ex, around 60k

Kia Picanto - 1.1l, drives well, decent fuel consumption (between 12 to 14km per litre for auto), a good Point A to B car, price 43k

After doing my sums, i decided on Kia Picanto cos i just need a budget car, dun want to spend too much.

Went down to C&C to test drive ... end up couldn't get any freebies from the agent, only neg for remote alarm ... lol ... which i thought should come as standard!? wtf ... also have to pay extra 1k for factory fitted leather seats and 500plus for paint protection and rust proofing ... haiz, what to do ...

A consolation is that the agent really help to push hard for the delivery ... I got the car in just 2 weeks after booking and successful COE bidding ... Woo hoo!! That was fast ...

On hindsight, i should have booked the car in Apr or May 09, when COE was just about 5k and Kia Picanto only cost around 33k ... that is a massive 10k discount wor

- At work
... closing off 2 projects, so not too stressed out now, can take a breather before moving on to next project

That's all i have for today ... Enjoy the weekend!!