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It has been ages since we went pak-toring (other than shopping for baby stuff and occassional dining out) ... Chanced upon this promo when surfing net last night ... Hmmm, set me thinking "Why not ...."

So, decided to plan a surprise for my wife ... this morning, told her that tonight will bring her to some new place but didn't say where ... keeps the suspense ... heehee

Guess the place?? ... Universal Studios Singapore !! at Resorts World Sentosa ... finally we are going there after it opened its doors couple of months back

The drive there was uneventful ... heavy traffic as usual on CTE towards AYE, near PIE exit ... upon entering the bridge to Sentosa, keep left and enter the RWS carpark, else have to pay admission fee to Sentosa lor

Looking for a place to park was harder than i thought ... many many cars ... haiz ... eventually parked and had to walk some distance back to get to the escalator up to Universal Studios

Bought the tickets @ $2 each

and we went to check out the Hershey's store, near the entrance ... You won't miss it ... and next to that is a small store selling popcorn ... wow, long Q (must be good lor, typical Singaporean style, see got Q, must join in ... lol)

Tasted the different flavours first (can try one, good ah) and then decided to get a small pack of cashew caramel crisp popcorn ... guess the price!! woo hoo ....

Alright! Time to go in ....

This is the start of Hollywood street

A few of the shops selling stuff and makan ...

even got a cinema "Pantages" which was screening "Shrek 2" tonight ... tickets are only $3 each

and we met Shrek and Fiona "LIVE" !! Wow ...

Here they are walking past Eunice :)

My wife and daughter ... They are the best and greatest!!

Took a photo of my new ride :P ... lol

And rested our tired legs, to wait for the fireworks show to start ....

But then, 8pm came and went, still no fireworks?!?
Asked around and the staff says there isn't any fireworks show at all leh ...

Hmmm, sure bo? We tot everyday got fireworks (machiam Disneyland), both of us also blur blur ... lol

Took some more photos (till camera bo battery liao, oops, forgot to charge full) and then, time to go back home!!

A long walk back to the car .....

Till then, next time perhaps .....


STUMPBO said...

Nice pixs, Eric! I must find time to go Universal Studio soon! :D

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