Feb 28, 2009

Productivity At Work - Quality VS Quantity

Wow ... Time files ... February is coming to an end and tomorrow is 1 March 2009 already.
And this is my 1st post for February!? .... Shucks ... too damn busy with work.

Anyway, here's something about being productive at work ... I like the last part!! :D

QUALITY vs quantity, UX process
Check email ONLY:

* 10AM
* 1PM
* 4PM

Send any time
Set email to check every 3 hours
NO email on evenings
NO email on weekends
EMERGENCY? = Use phone

FOCUS 1-3 Activities max/day
LOG 1-3 Succinct status bullets every day on team wiki

MAXIMIZE single-tasking

OUT by 5:30PM
~No excuses~

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