Jul 19, 2009

Take Lots of Breaks to Get More Done

What if you could get more done by working less? Everyone wants that, right?

But that’s obviously not the way most of us work. We think that in order to get more done and be more productive, we need to increase our effort and time.

That’s the obvious, intuitive answer. But the less obvious — the counter-intuitive approach of working less and taking more breaks — gets better results.

Article by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead

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Jul 14, 2009

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 ... coming soon

Gran Turismo Mobile for PSP ... Oct 1 2009 ??

Jul 13, 2009

Ice Age Weekend

Watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs over the weekend.
Quite a funny show, lots of laughther in the cinema ... hahaha

Got a new character in the movie, Buckminister or Buck for short ... Like this part ...

Buck: "Listen! The wind! It’s speaking to us."
Eddie: "What's it saying?"
Buck: "I dunno. I don't speak wind."


And there were some heartwarming moments, too ...

When Ellie the female mammoth gave birth to a little baby mammoth, so cute ... and named her Peaches, after the codeword they use if Ellie was going into labour.

And Mannny the male mammoth cuddling little Peaches ... so sweet

This aptly remind me of my baby girl, coming in Sep 09 .... oh, my :)

Jul 12, 2009

End Of The World

Will the world really end on 21 Dec 2012?

Watch these interesting documentaries on Youtube, posted by fellow blogger MoMo

Jul 3, 2009


A couple of days back, was in the library when a small blue hardcover - "breathless" by Lurlene McDaniel, caught my eye ... Picked it up and read the intro ... Here it goes:


You don't know me yet, but please read this before you begin.

Most people believe they have a clear idea of what's right and wrong. Many say they know how they'll act, or how they'll handle an extreme situation. But to be honest, no one knows. Not really.

Even if you say, "I'll never do this or that!" it actually might not be true. Because none of us truly knows what we'll do when the circumstances become so overwhelming and complex that we can't even tell right from wrong. And then there are the totally unforeseen situations, when life deals cards you never expected, or when something that's considered wrong morphs into something right and your mind determines that what once was the rule is not written in stone. Even if this has never happened to you, I'll bet you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

This is what happened to me. I thought I had standards. I believed in my absolutes. I did for most situations. Then I didn't. As time went on, my world turned gray and my absolutes became murky. Right and wrong dissolved into what I knew I had to do.

Please don't judge me until you hear my story.


Well, did this arouse your curiosity enough to read the book? Well, it did for me and I find it a good and short read (by my standards, not sure about yours)!!

You can check it out at the library if you are slightly interested. Hehehe :)