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Oct 18, 2007

Online Data Storage

Are you interested in backing up your data and able to access it anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet?

If you have a broadband connection and less than 2GB of essential data to back up, then look no further than to MozyHome, a free online backup solution for home users, limited to 2GB of space at first, but you can get extra 1GB for every 4 friends you recommend to sign up and do backups.

Check it out and sign up here .... MozyHome

In July 2007, HardwareMAG (HWM) did a review on online backup solutions and among the 4 services they reviewed, Mozy was ranked number 2 and it is the only service that provides FREE storage for home users.

If you try it and like it, pass this on to your family and friends.


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