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On 2 Sep 2008, Google announces their new open source browser, Google Chrome.

And i must say at first glance and use, "Wow! Not bad sia"

I'm using mainly Firefox, sometimes Microsoft Internet Explorer and also tried Safari, too. But Google Chrome really takes my breath away literally.

I salute the team at Google! Inc, they always managed to come up with new innovations and surprises. And best of all, it is open source, that means software/web developers can use the browser source code to design websites/applications, all up to their imagination and creativity.

Learn more about the story behind Google Chrome and the technology in their comic book.

This is just the beginning of Google Chrome and we can expect more improvements along the way as more users adopt the new browser. Best is to try it yourself, download it and test as much as you like.

Lastly ... Of course, I'm posting this using Google Chrome! Hee hee ;)


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