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Oct 26, 2008

Motivate Yourself

How to motivate yourself:

1. Tell others what you are about to do. That will engage your ego. If you don't take action, you will feel bad because there will be a conflict between what you declared (action) and what you did (lack of action). There will be some stress involved that will help you to motivate yourself to follow through.

2. Analyze your goals. That is the basis of all motivation. If you know what is really important for you, it will be easier to start doing it. When you know you are doing something important for you - the action you take will be a reward itself and almost no motivation from the outside will be needed.

3. Plan to reward yourself for completing the task. It's easy to plan some kind of reward. This will direct your thoughts to the prize instead of keeping you focused on how the task is complicated or hard. Your positive thoughts about the prize can replace the emotions connected with the task - this is one of the most powerful motivational techniques ever known.

4. Visualise completion of the task. This will enable you to use a full power of your subconscious mind to get the job done fast and in the right way.

5. Analyze the negative consequences of not achieving the goal. People don't like to fail and lose so this can also be a source of your motivation. Works great, especially for people that are very focused on others.

6. Analyze the positive consequences of getting the job done. To be aware of all the advantages of completing the task usually means to be motivated to perform it.

7. Give it a chance for just 5 minutes. Then you can stop. Usually it's very hard to start off with the task but after you start - you will keep on going naturally.

8. Start with something simple. If you succeed with something small, it will probably encourage you to try something more complicated, etc.

9. Divide your work to small tasks that you can preform almost mechanically. Then do them anytime during the day when you get some free 5 or 10 minutes that are needed for this particular task.

10. Learn something new about the subject. The task you don't know how to perform is the easiest to be put off. While you are learning about the subject, your motivation will increase as the competence level goes up.


William H said...

Theory always there...

just to make it work and turn it into action thats the main problem...

beside that, to maintain the action is another issue...


Homely Guy said...

Hehe ... Ya, agree with you ... talk is easy but taking action is not so.

I gotta constantly remind myself, too.

And this blog serves as my source of motivation and inspiration.

Cheers :)

Twilight Zone said...

I realized many people forgot to love themselves. I've hit many walls and fell to the lowest point in life. I'm glad it's all in the past. So I often pamper myself whenever I can. Motivation? Your blog does it.

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