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Jun 30, 2009

A relaxing weekend

Well, that was last weekend ... Went with my missus to Spa Dor, she did facial and i had a tui na massage, gua sha and cupping session.

My back ended up like that :D

According to the masseuse, my body too heaty, that's why the colour is so purplish red. If do this more often and eat less heaty, deep fried food, then will not be so jialat. But that means less KFC, less nasi lemak, less laksa and more $$$ on massage ... wah piang eh!!

Maybe a cheaper alternative ... no heat that a few botak coconuts can't cure ... hahaha ... 95 cents only, from NTUC fairprice, cheaper than those at pasar malam, only that u got to chop them open yourself ... kekeke


STUMPBO said...

How I wish I have the same "wounds" on my body! Haha shiok!

Yu-Kym said...

scary... it looks like some kid used water colour on your back

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