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Jul 13, 2009

Ice Age Weekend

Watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs over the weekend.
Quite a funny show, lots of laughther in the cinema ... hahaha

Got a new character in the movie, Buckminister or Buck for short ... Like this part ...

Buck: "Listen! The wind! It’s speaking to us."
Eddie: "What's it saying?"
Buck: "I dunno. I don't speak wind."


And there were some heartwarming moments, too ...

When Ellie the female mammoth gave birth to a little baby mammoth, so cute ... and named her Peaches, after the codeword they use if Ellie was going into labour.

And Mannny the male mammoth cuddling little Peaches ... so sweet

This aptly remind me of my baby girl, coming in Sep 09 .... oh, my :)


MiChi said...

yeah, I love this show too... funny and entertaining ... why watch it. thanks for the info

Old Beng said...

Congrats to your akan datang lady

Homely Guy said...

Thank you, old beng :)

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