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Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore!!

Last year, we celebrated with Carls Jr burgers, Anderson's ice cream and champagne at a Ritz Carlton suite while watching the preview parade from above.

This year, we had a simple and delicious dinner of Teochew Porridge (but we ate rice ... lol) at Joo Chiat.

After we are done ... Imagine the 2 of us (oh, it's 2 and a half) managed to finish all that food, no wonder my spare tyre keep getting bigger and bigger ...

And watching the parade on TV ...

On our way back, we saw lots of policemen and a VVIP entourage, en route to the parade ...
Guess who!!
Clue: SM Goh is already seated at the parade. So it could only be ...

Actually, to us, 9 Aug is more than celebrating the nation's birthday.

It's our first date, 4 years ago, when we went to watch the fireworks together.
That's when it all started :)


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