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Jul 3, 2010

Give Me A Road

Project 路 (ROAD)


The idea behind these project I do is not about photography but rather in helping the people. Knowing that we don't just take photos of the poor but to provide help to the needy. I don't do this for myself but for them and to think on behalf of them. Photography is my daily work and I hope to use some of my time in helping people and doing something meaningful.

Guys I would appreciate if we know the purpose and keep our focus. We don't just show the pictures we bring back but to go back to continue the work we have just started. I give you (my friends) my support and may we continue to contribute back to humanity.

Recently a photographer friend took a picture of a poor boy sitting by the roadside that looks sad and lost, I saw the photo and send him a massage saying "did you give something for him to eat after you have took that photo?" His reply was sorry he didn't have the chance to do it due to some situation. I guess he know what I am saying and will know what to do in the future. At the end of the day... what's more important is not about the photo... it's what we do with that image.

I will keep everyone posted for the up coming events of project ROAD. And also to inform you to see how you could play a part in this meaningful project. Updates at www.alexsohphotography.wordpress.com, on my facebook and on project road facebook. Looking forward to your support.


For friends who would like to support and help the people in Cham Resh, please leave your contact with us at chuamel@gmail.com / one@alexsohphotography.com


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